8 Ways to Prevent Losing Your Dog

8 Ways to Prevent Losing Your Dog

We see a ton of missing dog flyers in our daily travels and it’s always sad to see a family missing their pets.  If you’re looking to avoid the heart-wrenching task of searching for your dog, here are some simple precautions to take:

1. Don’t leave your dog unattended in the yard – I know you have a fence but given enough time, this can happen.

2. Make sure your dog’s collar is fitted correctly – This means that the collar should not be able to slip over your dog’s head under any condition, including if they decide to suddenly put on the breaks and try to back out of it.

3. Don’t take your dog off-leash if he doesn’t have a recall – I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this.  Unless you’ve spent time and effort teaching, proofing, and then proofing again in heavy distraction, your dog should not be off-leash in an area that is not fenced in.

4. Be aware of your dog when exiting the car – Don’t be surprised again for the 19th time that your dog tries to get out of the car before the back lift gate fully opens.

5. Be aware of your dog when opening the front door – Does your dog have a history of bolting when the front door is open?  Be aware of this when welcoming people into your home and don’t assume that they know how to slide past your dog and the front door like a ninja.  Heck, they might not even remember that your dog is a bolter.

6. Make sure the gate is closed – This applies to all of us with fenced in yards.  Did the landscaper close the gate properly when he left?  Did the kids leave it open again?  Are you sure?  Check and make sure.

7. Discontinue use (or fix) faulty equipment – Is your 1/2″ leash being held together by a few strands?  Is your fence rotting and falling apart?  Is the buckle of your dog’s collar bent or cracked?  If so, it may be only a matter of time before the equipment fails and your dog is gone.  Fix or replace it as soon as you notice something is not right.

8. Have the proper tags and/or micro chip – If all else fails and your dog does get out, be sure to make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you.

Bee tee dubs, all of these behavior can be eliminated by enrolling your dog into a top-notch dog training obedience program in the Austin area.  Just sayin’.

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