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22 Aug Building a Relationship With Your Dog

Dogs are such great animals; entertaining, athletic, funny, affectionate and fascinating.  Maybe all of these characteristics are reasons why we bond with them so easily.  Sometimes we see certain clients with an obvious, amazing bond that they have with their dog; that is what dog...

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18 Aug Hiking With Your Dog at Walnut Creek

We frequently take a break from our normal training classes take our clients and their dogs trail class at Walnut Creek Park. Many have clients have been before as we do this once a month; but we also had a few new students.  One to mention...

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11 Aug Gastric Torsion & Your Dog

What Is It? Gastric torsion, bloat, torsion, and gastric dilatation-volvulus are all names given for the medical condition where a dog's stomach becomes overstretched by excessive gas content.  In these cases, the dog becomes unable to naturally expel the buildup, and some cases the stomach can...

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