Dog Boarding Just Got Awesome?

Dog Boarding Just Got Awesome?

We recently stumbled across a new site called DogVacay.  The company allows anyone who wants to host dogs in their home to apply for a listing. It’s up to the homeowners to set their own price, allows them to choose their own schedules, and even select what type and size of dogs they are willing to host. Dog owners can book nights directly through the site and DogVacay takes a small percentage of the transaction.  Sounds great, right?

The idea of leaving your dog in someone’s home where you know they will be cared for does sound better then a loud concrete kennel.  The basic concept of this service is very similar to having your friend watch your dog while you go out of town for a few days.  However, there is one major change – you’re not leaving your dog with a trusted friend, you’re basically leaving your dog with a stranger.  Although there is an “interview” process and the choice is ultimately up to the dog owner, does anyone else see a list of potential problems here?

Here’s a quote directly from the site: “Dog Vacay allows you to find a real home to board your dog. It’s better than a kennel where Spot will be stuck in a cage all day. Home boarding gives your dog individual attention, fun with a small number of well-socialized dogs, and supervision from a responsible pet owner – at a price that doesn’t add up to more than your vacation.”  Exactly how well socialized are this person’s other dogs?  What is this person’s definition of supervision?  Is it truly better then your dog being in a kennel?

There are already a large group of pet sitters out there, is this really more then just a directory of pet sitters, or is this a directory of “unqualified” people calling themselves pet sitters?  What do you think… will this service make it?  Would you use it?

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