4 Easy Ways to Eliminate Tag Jingle

4 Easy Ways to Eliminate Tag Jingle

Some of us like to hear our dog’s tags jingle as they run as it lets us know where they are and can be heard starting to come when called.  Other owners dislike the constant jingle when their dogs run, jump onto the couch or scratch, especially when living in a household with multiple dogs.  If you are in the later group of dog owners on this one, here are some extremely simple ways to eliminate the noise from your dog’s tags while still meeting local dog park requirements and keeping your dog safe.

  • Brass Nameplates have been around for years.  The are simple nameplates that attach to your dog’s collar via a couple of rivets.  Yes, the nameplate will eliminate the jingle and they are relatively inexpensive, but a drawback of them is they are difficult to transfer between collars.
  • Boomerang Collar Tags relocate your dog’s tags from hanging below the leash attachment and put them directly onto the fabric section of the collar.  Besides the lack of tag jingle, these tags also allow for easy removal of the tag so it’s easy to switch when getting your dog a new collar.
  • Dog Tag Silencers are a soft rubber-like material that is made to fit over your dog’s existing tags and acts as a buffer between multiple tags to reduce noise.  Some silencers are made to fit specific tags while others are made to fit multiple shapes and sizes, hopefully you can find one that fits your dog’s existing tags.
  • Rubit is a quick release assembly that allows for easy and complete removal of your dog’s tags.  So instead of always having to use the old fashioned key ring connector, the Rubit lets you easily take off your dogs tags when you’re not in the mood for the jingle.  Using a Rubit is the best of both worlds as it give you options for tag removal and lets you easily change collars!

Hopefully we have provided a few options (besides super glue or a simple rubber band) and we can finally stop the madness!

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