February Client of the Month

February Client of the Month

I recently finished interviewing Jody with her dog Vixie for the February Client of the month and I am so thrilled to be writing this. This is one of the dogs that I really wish I would have taken a before and after video of.

Jody and Vixie started training with us on November 10, 2016. Jody is an experienced handler and Vixie has the ability to keep her on her toes. Vixie has incredible prey drive, she has aggression towards dogs on leash and can be reactive to people on leash as well and very little impulse control.

When people would come to Jody’s home, Vixie would lose her mind. She had uncontrollable jumping and just overall obnoxious behavior. It was really difficult to settle her down and gain any sort of control. Jody had to put Vixie in her crate to manage her.
Jody is athletic and wanted Vixie to be a great running partner. In order for this to happen, she would have to work on her leash skills and reactivity.

When Jody attended her first class, it was not pretty. Although Vixie was still reactive, Jody kept at it and saw a lot of improvement by the time she attended her 3rd group class. She has continued to make progress every time she attends classes on and off site and Jody is pleased with the accomplishments they have made so far.
When people come to visit, Vixie is no longer in her crate. She is able to greet her visitors with out jumping and staying on her place until Jody says it is ok to break. Knowing Vixie’s energy level, this was not an easy task.

Jody takes Vixie to her son’s soccer games. She is able to take Vixie to games and she will stay in a down while they watch the game and when Jody wants to chat with friends. She has learned some nice self control. That is what it is all about, being able to have your dog be part of the family and participate.

Overall, Vixie is easier to manage on walks, she can go running with her and she comes when called. They are still working towards their ultimate goals and we wish them the best, always.

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