Halloween Can Be a Scary Time for Dogs

Halloween Can Be a Scary Time for Dogs

If you think about each aspect of Halloween, it’s almost the most unfair and potentially stressful day for your dog. Follow the steps below and keep your dog out of potentially dangerous situations this Halloween.

It’s Halloween, of course there will be costumes – for people and dogs!  Please be aware of the following things:

    • Children in costumes will most definitely appear different to your dog and can easily scare a dog
    • Many dogs will become reactive to children and adults in costume
    • Certain dog costumes can be a chewing or choking hazard for them
    • If you will be dressing up your dog, make sure that your dog has good peripheral vision to enable them to fully use their senses
    • Be aware of how other dogs perceive your dog when he/she is in a dog costume

You are going to have a lot of visitors; be aware of your doorbell when handing out candy.

    • Because your door will be opening and closing frequently, make sure your dog knows no to bolt out of the door
    • There will be loud and excited children in costumes on the other side of the door, make sure your dog isn’t reactive
    • Don’t be afraid to crate your dog away from your door to reduce stress levels and prevent the unexpected

Monitor your dog around chocolate, candy, and other items that are potential hazards.

    • Make sure you keep candy out of reach of your dog
    • Be sure that your children are not giving the dog candy
    • Make sure your dog does not chew or eat candy wrappers

If you and your dog are properly prepared, everyone can survive Halloween.  Boo!

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