K9 Scent Games – Summer 2017

K9 Scent Games – Summer 2017

Dates and times have just been published for our next round of K9 Scent Games!   The unique curriculum we have adopted in our classes promotes a positive, fun and motivationally-based methodology. By utilizing our dog’s search skills, we build confidence, burn off mental and physical energy, and a positive working relationship that develops between you and your dog when you both are out “hunting” together as a team. Come on out and get smelly with us!

Scent Games starts out with basic educational drills that increase in complexity as your dog’s skill set increases.  Each week you and your dog have to work harder and harder and learn to trust their nose as the handler and dog learn to work together.  The grand finale consists of a course over 3,000 sq feet filled with vehicles, luggage, pallets, boxes, and other debris.  Your dog’s challenge is to locate one piece of food in all that mess, how cool is that?!

This class is open to all levels of obedience. To see the complete schedule for this class and to register, please visit our K9 Scent Games page.  Hope to see you out there!!

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