March Client of the Month

March Client of the Month

Congratulations go out to Patricia and her now 6 month old German Shepherd, Nash!

The first time we met Patricia was when Nash was 4 months old when they came in for their initial consultation and evaluation and at that point, everything was going well. Patricia really wanted to keep it that way so she enrolled Nash into our training program because she realized that training helps fix problematic behaviors but it is also a great preventative measure.

Patricia had high expectations of what type of lifestyle she wanted to live with Nash. She wanted to go hiking, play frisbee, have off leash reliability and even participate in dog sports. Her hope is to have a happy dog that she can explore with.

Patricia and Nash went through their 5 private lessons and just recently joined our group class. Patricia voiced her excitement to get to the parks and off leash hikes. They are doing fantastic and always looking forward to the next step.

They are working on all their obedience skills and currently working through some challenges with placing, it takes time, patience and persistence but the outcome is gratifying. These two have made huge progress in just 2 months. We wish them continued success.

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