Qualified vs Certified

Qualified vs Certified

The term “certified dog trainer” is often used and thrown around on various dog training websites.  To the untrained eye, of course you are going to hire or interview a certified dog trainer as it sounds impressive.  However, if you are a frequent reader of our blog, you will already know that there is no standardized certification required to become a dog trainer.  Besides, how many of you know someone with a driver’s license that shouldn’t be behind the wheel?

Although there are various organizations that “certify” people as dog trainers.  Because there is so much conflicting information in dog training and no one absolute correct way to train a dog, those organizations can carry little to no weight based on your beliefs, needs, etc.

So instead of searching for a “certified dog trainer” search for a qualified dog trainer.  A qualified dog trainer is someone who can successfully accomplish the job in question.  In order to successfully accomplish the job in question, a qualified dog trainer will have the following traits:

  • The ability to solve/improve/mange the problem in question
  • Previous real-world and hands-on experience working with the behaviors in question
  • The knowledge and experience to try something different when the original plan is not working
  • The patience and communication skills needed to work with dogs and their owners
  • The experience and knowledge to read dogs
  • Have qualified resources to turn to in times of question
  • A proven track record of happy clients and dogs

The process of finding a qualified dog trainer can be discouraging and stressful.  The easiest way to find a good fit for you and your dog is to interview potential trainers.  A qualified potential trainer should make that process as easy as possible for you.

BTW, we too are “certified dog trainers” through a very reputable organization but we don’t expect that to be enough to earn your business.  As part of our interview process, we encourage you and your dog to come in and see us by setting up a consultation and evaluation.  That appointment is free of charge and allows you to decide if we are qualified to help you and your dog.  So if you live in the Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, or other central Texas areas, set up an appointment with your dog; we would love to meet you all!

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