• Trick Training DVD

    Teach your dog some new tricks!

  • The Puppy Manual

    The instructions your puppy should have come with.

  • Gift Card

    Any amount, valid on everything, never expires!

  • 22`` x 22`` Tweed Cots

    Great for the fancy small dogs!

  • 22`` x 22`` Premium Cot

    Great for small dogs and working on sits.

  • 22`` x 40`` Tweed Cot

    Perfect for fancy large dogs and working with down.

  • 22`` x 40`` Premium Cot

    Great for the medium dogs!

  • 40`` x 30`` Tweed Cot

    Great placeboard for those in between sized dogs!

  • 30`` x 40`` Premium Cot

    Perfect size and perfect color combinations!

  • 40``x40`` Tweed Cots

    Really Nice Color Options Here!

  • 40'x40`` Premium Cot

    This is for the Big Guys!

  • Replacement Parts

    Oops. We've got ya Covered~