The Benefits of Walking Your Dog

The Benefits of Walking Your Dog

It is extremely easy to over complicate and over analyze things with our dogs.  There is a ton of conflicting information online, several dog training shows on television, and everyone has an opinion as to why a dog is doing a certain thing.  Put all of that aside, there is one simple truth that remains – going for a walk structured walk with your dog is extremely beneficial.

There will always be plenty of excuses of why you can’t, don’t need to, or don’t want to go for a walk.  Forget them, here are some reasons why you should go for a walk with your dog.

Structure – A non-structured walk is hard to for a human to enjoy but it also keeps your dog in a reactive/unstable state of mind.   Keeping your dog in a proper walking position and not allowing them to pull you down the street, not allowing them to smell and pee on everything, keeping their focus as to eliminate and manage leash reactivity, and traveling forward with you is all about structure.  Not only is the structure an extremely important element of a good walk, but all dogs need and thrive from it!

Physical and Mental Health Benefits – Having a dog that is overweight is a sign that YOU are not getting enough exercise.  Walking with your dog will burn calories, help reduce stress, and increase serotonin levels.  In addition to the health benefits for humans, getting your dog out of the back yard will help reduce the built up stress and frustration that comes from fence fighting or window barking.  Your dog will also be burning calories and frequent walks may even eliminate the need to trim some dog’s nails.

Socialization – We strongly recommend your walks occur in multiple locations so that your dog can experience some mental stimulation by seeing new sights and smelling new smells.  Take your dog to a new park, turn left instead of right, go to shopping center or pet store; socialization should be a priority in your dog’s life.  Incorporating new locations into your dog’s walks will benefit their training and social status.

Bonding – Spending quality time with our dogs can be a challenge sometimes but going for a walk is the perfect time to reconnect with your dog, he/she will be thrilled to spend the time with you!

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