Transitioning to Off-Leash Training

Transitioning to Off-Leash Training

Having off-leash control of your dog in real-world situations is so much fun!  Going to the park, hiking on the trails, participating in agility, or playing frisbee with your dog are all great, but very difficult to do on-leash. While all of the training starts on-leash and needs to be mastered while on a leash, at some point we have to cut the chord.

Transitioning from on-leash obedience to off-leash obedience is more involved than just dropping the leash; certain steps need to be taken to ensure that the training carries over into the off-leash world.  Having a great obedience foundation, reading your dog’s body language, being able to interrupt unwanted behaviors, having good reaction time, and being comfortable with your communication systems are are crucial.

To help ease the transition from on-leash to off-leash work, we have a training class at our Leander dog training center that directly focuses on this transition.  All current Unleashed Unlimited training clients who are cleared for polishing classes with already socialized, non-reactive dogs are encouraged to attend.  Please check our schedule page for offerings of this class and contact us for more details and to see if your dog qualifies for this class.

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