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Housetraining: A Crate Training Idea

This article comes to us from Wayne Booth, of , a dog training company in Nashville, TN.  Wayne also offers dog training information on his blog […]

Why is Crate Training So Important?

In addition to solid and functional obedience, crate training has to be one of the most valuable skills our dogs can have.  Before we go any […]

Training Packages

At Unleashed Unlimited, we go way beyond the typical "parlor trick" style of dog training.  We view dog training as a functional skill that can be […]

Training Through the Dog’s Mentality

In a lot of ways, raising children and training dogs parallel each other.  Concepts like controlling resources, education, manners, structure and leadership go hand in hand […]

The Puppy Manual

  As new puppy owners, we all want what’s best for our puppies.  We want them to be well-behaved, calm around children, social with other animals, […]

Crate Games

We have always been in favor of crates, and the subject of crates and crate training have appeared in our blog on several occasions.  A variety […]

Dangerous Human Foods for Dogs

Each year the Animal Control Poison Center receives a few hundred thousand calls relating to dogs consuming dangerous human foods, plants, and other poisons.  While some dangerous items like pesticides, non-food […]

Top Posts of 2011

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone already, and what a year it was!  Not only did we move into our new […]

5 Steps to Ruining a Dog

Last year at this time we made a post about Improving Your Relationship with Your Dog.  This year we thought that we would take a different […]