Jeanne, Leander, TX

Fantastic. Wonderful. Incredible. There are several superlatives I could use to describe the work accomplished at Unleashed Unlimited. However, I believe I have chosen my favorite: FABULOUS!

Chaucer, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, received basic training of commands such as sit, down, stay, come, etc., during the early months of his life and previously attended three basic obedience courses, Although generally successful, his continued execution of these commands was unreliable and inconsistent. Home life was usually quiet and pleasant, but Chaucer was still out of control when walking on a loose leash or while in contact with other dogs or humans. These behaviors are definitely unacceptable when preparing to be a therapy dog!

 After additional research, I found Unleashed Unlimited. I was hoping they could help in proofing Chaucer’s basic skills as well as help me to prepare him for the Canine Good Citizen test, an evaluation requested for dogs considered for therapy dog status. From the moment I walked in I was impressed by the size and cleanliness of the facility.  The trainers immediately formed a positive, trusting relationship with my dog and myself. Their initial patience with me was genuine and served as one of the bases that encouraged my belief in the program. Combined with knowledge and a professional disposition, their understanding of the most effective approach for learning for my dog was the foundation of our work. The communication style used is clear and direct, and these methodologies have historically proven reliably effective and enduring. Emphasis is placed on communication, consistency, a positive, confident approach and follow-through. The process has been smooth and I always feel that both dog and owner are advancing on the same page and at the same pace. The best part of the training, however, is that it is fun! Just as important, when I have a question, trainers are readily available and return calls and emails promptly. That, alone, speaks volumes.

 Although there are several trainers at Unleashed Unlimited, their skills are all exceptional and they work interchangeably with the dogs and owners. They are not training my dog; they are training ME to train my dog. Maybe I should not refer to them as trainers. Perhaps “Training Facilitators” would be more appropriate. 

 I highly recommend Unleashed Unlimited as a training group, whether you have specific issues to address or are just interested in general training and good manners for your dog. I have immense pride when family, friends and strangers comment on Chaucer’s good behavior. Should you select Unleashed Unlimited as your training program, I am confident your dog will produce similar results. I will continue to recommend this training group to my friends and eagerly look forward to participating in the subsequent group lessons.

Brittany and Evan, Austin, TX

When my husband and I signed up for Unleashed Unlimited, we were nervous that our puppy was too wild for training. Her leash walking was a mess and we were really skeptical that she could even learn the basics. Paul was amazing with our puppy and knew all sorts of tricks that would have never thought of! Our dog has learned so much and thanks to great training, it is so much fun to have her in our family.  We are comfortable to go hiking with her, to outdoor restaurants, and pretty much anywhere. We can only sing praises for Unleashed Unlimited!

Darryl and Juanita, Leander, TX

We looked at several board/train sites as we were moving into a new house and taking a vacation.  Plus this allowed the time for our fence to be installed.   We interview each trainer and I was really impressed with Paul, Tracey, and Bailey.  Their love of training dogs clearly shows.
At our initial consultation you could see our dog Ace was the most uncontrolled and wanted to play with everyone.  We loved the 3 week board/train program and they had an opening for us that worked out great.  We all missed Ace while we were gone but they were always posting pictures and updates via Twitter which our kids loved.  Ace always looked like he was having a great time and made new friends.
Upon our return to pick up Ace he was a totally different dog.  They worked with us for 2 hours going over what he had learned.  We have one more one on one session with them and then I will be taking advantage of the unlimited classes with him.  I know with our next puppy he will be going straight back there  as they do such wonderful things.  It’s nice going for a walk and not have him pull on the leash.
Again thanks guys for the amazing job you did with Ace and look forward to the remaining classes to continue his training.

Kelsi & Will, Austin, TX

We just finished our last private class with Unleashed Unlimited today and could not be happier with everything we and our dog, Lady, have learned. Paul has been an amazing teacher to both Lady and us!

We cannot imagine where we would be without the training Lady has received from Unleashed – we can now really enjoy taking her on walks, letting her off leash, and being with her in the house (thanks to place!). It is such a good feeling to know that you can actually communicate with your dog. Our dog’s life will be so much better after receiving this training because it enables us to do so much more with her.

This training is more expensive than other trainings, but worth every penny.  I would highly recommend this training program to anyone who wants a well-behaved dog that they can take anywhere and around anyone, especially high energy breeds. I thought our dog was the biggest spaz I’d ever see,  and today when she was working on heel I realized how far she has come. Thank you to Paul and everyone at Unleashed Unlimited!

Lisa, Liberty Hill, TX

We had a dog situation we didn’t know how to handle. We were used to effusive, jolly dogs (20 years of that). A new stray entered our lives and threw us a curve ball. He came back from Board & Train a whole new man.

Even though he is still very “different” from the kind of dogs we’d normally rescue, he’s now manageable. He loves the whole crew at Unleashed Unlimited and looks forward to every Polishing Class. Their model of reinforcing the training through polishing classes is brilliant. It keeps us humans accountable, and it keeps giving the dogs new experiences to apply it to.

Randy, Austin, TX

I would never own a dog again without taking them through the Unleashed Unlimited curricula.  I have two cattledogs, an eight year old and a one year old.  They do everything together and I needed obedience training that took into account that at home I have two dogs to manage.

I bought their 5 private lessons package in January with unlimited group training for a year.   We made strides I never thought possible during the 5 private, and have been going to the group lessons every week.  All of the advice and training tips I receive are spot on. While it is still a work in progress, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel–controlling two different dogs, at the same time, off leash.

I will continue to take advantage of their group lessons and hope to do Agility training next with them when I am finished with the group lessons.  I would say that Unleashed Unlimited is a must for any dog owner.

Jennifer and Michael, Leander, TX

I can’t say enough about Paul and Unleashed Unlimited. My wife and I had read all the books and tried everyones method and nothing worked with our dog Romeo. We dreaded taking him anywhere due to his behavior and being off leash absolutely wasn’t going to happen. Romeo would rush the door and bolt outside. He absolutely refuse to come when called. In short his behavior was horrible. Due to us living in a rural area with an abundance of livestock present we literally talked about finding him a new home to ensure he wouldn’t harm anyones animals. My wife contacted Paul and made an appointment to have Romeo evaluated. We decided to give Unleased Unlimited a try and I’m so glad we did. Within a couple of weeks Romeo was looking and acting like a different dog. He began coming when called and staying when instructed to do so. Eight weeks later he is able to travel with us and behaves off leash. Unleashed Unlimited, Paul and Tracey thank you for giving us a smart furry kid we can be proud of.

Ellen and CJ, Austin, TX

I feel like I need to send you guys a note of thanks for being awesome at your job! You guys have really transformed our lives with Dyson.

When we rescued Dyson a few months ago, CJ and I had big plans on all the things we were planning to do with him. A few days into it, we realized that wasn’t going to happen with things the way they were. I look back on those days and I was so stressed out, terrified to take him in public and a little reluctant to actually accept him as a member of our family (I am ashamed to admit that I had second thoughts on our decision to adopt him on more than one occasion).

We noticed improvements after the first week of training with you guys but if you would have told me back then that we would be where we are now, I never would have believed you. Dyson has come a long way in the month and half we have been training with you. He is a completely different dog…an absolute joy to be around. We find ourselves gearing our weekends around activities where Dyson can join us and the whole family is happy to have him tag along.Although I know our work with Dyson will never be done, I am so much more comfortable taking him out in public. For me in particular, I am gaining confidence with each outing we have together and I think it can only get better.

Paul, I really appreciate your positive reinforcement and encouragement during the polishing classes. It must be so frustrating for you at times to wait for people to catch on to the things you have told them over and over to do. You have the patience of a saint Anyway, I could go on and on about how pleased we are with the results from our time with you guys but I really just want to say thank you. I hope you realize the difference you make. I will forever recommend Unleashed Unlimited!

Derrick, Leander, TX

Paul and Tracey are phenomenal with all dog breeds. I’ve seen them work from Pits to Poodles and German Shepard to Yorkies. I now have my high wired dog under tight control whenever I need to. It’s all because of there expertise. I would highly recommend any of there services.

Barrett, Austin,TX

The value and benefit of training with Unleashed Unlimited far exceeded my expectations.  My relationship with my dog has improved vastly as a result of working with Paul and Tracey.

For three years I tried different methods from books and the web with very little success.  Chubbs, my rescued pit mix, could learn a trick or two in the living room, but he always pulled on the leash and never came when I called him.  Moreover, he had anxiety issues ranging from nervous barking at the window to growling, and freaking out at other dogs in the park.

After meeting an owner and his dog who trained at Unleashed Unlimited, I was inspired to go try out a consultation.  The consultation was individualized, thorough, and best of all, they didn’t try to hard-sell me on their class.  They gave me realistic expectations for what their training could achieve for my dog.  I signed up immediately.

Fast forward less than a year, and my dog can now heel off the leash and his recall is strong.  He no longer barks at the window and meets most dogs in the park with a smile.  Tracey and Paul’s methods work, and they know how to teach owners the methods.  Chubbs and I practice every single day, and it fits in naturally and is not an inconvenience.

Do yourself a favor, go check out Unleashed Unlimited.  You and your dog will be happy you did.

Laura and Chris, Austin, TX

…Worked with our Australian Shepherd on general behavior issues such as healing, jumping up, coming when called, staying in place, etc. Australian Shepherds are known to be high energy dogs, so we knew what we were getting, but we didn’t know how to channel his energy into acceptable behavior.  I interviewed several people for a 2-3 week Board and Train.  Paul and Tracey were highly rated and my son and I thought they could do the best job with our dog.

I had high expectations, but was still blown away by his progress in 3 weeks.  It was like they had taught him a foreign language and suddenly he knew how to speak.  Taking a walk in the neighborhood is pleasant now.  He can play nicely with other dogs (at least most of the time.)  And best of all, they gave him an “off button” where he will stay in place as long as I say – even an hour!  The change is amazing.

I have learned however, that it is like having someone else lose weight for you – you still have to work to keep it going.  They do offer polishing classes as part of the package and we are trying to work with him every day to keep up his skills.  At least now I know how he is capable of acting!

I would highly recommend them to anyone and will use them with every dog I get from now on.  It was worth every penny!

Alice, Austin, TX

I got Austin,when he was 6 weeks old. He was quick to learn how to identify my seizures (before I had one). However, he had not been formally trained. While working, he was great but the moment he was around someone, he was in ‘puppy’ mode. Company would come over and he would bark, jump on them, nibble their hands and basically drive them and me nuts. One day while we were on a walk at Town Lake, I saw a large group of people, all with dogs of all breeds and sizes standing around with their dogs off their leash and talking and visiting. The dogs were all just sitting there, even when Austin and I walked over to ask about the group. Austin was jumping around, trying to get to the dogs but no response from any of the dogs in the group. Then I knew I had to call and check this out. After the 1st lesson, I saw how quickly with the right tools and coaching (both Austin and myself) this program was going to work. All I can say is it is the best investment I have made and has made a big difference in my day to day life, since he is with me 24×7. I really appreciate the time and coaching provided to me to help me understand and see everything I thought I was doing ‘right’ was really ‘wrong’.

Leigh and Dave, Austin, TX

Can’t say enough good things about Paul and Tracey! We saw the differences instantly when Fraggle came home from her board and train. She was attentive to what we said and quick to respond. The changes were even easier to see when we had her out at Walnut Creek or RedBud off leash. She stayed close to us and when she did run off to play with other dogs, she was sure to keep us in sight and check back frequently. She’s becoming the little outdoor pup that we were hoping for! Now when we got to the park everyday, we don’t even bother to take the leash out of the car. We have confidence in our pup, and probably for the first time, she has it in us as well. Thanks again for everything!

Amber, Austin TX

Last night, Ryan, Fin, and I went to a kickball field to watch friends play. Ryan got in on the game, but Fin and I stayed on the sidelines and chilled out on a picnic blanket. We even met another dog named Finley, if you can believe it!  I had her off-leash, and even with all the distractions–the flying kickball, people yelling and running, and other dogs chasing their toys–Fin was on her best behavior!!! The only time she broke free of her perfection was when she saw Ryan running to second base, and decided he needed help getting there. Hah!  I hope you two know that you’ve transformed our pup into the dog we’ve always wanted her to be. It’s so wonderful to be in a public setting and be PROUD of the way our dog behaves (except for her love of water… she did not spare me any sloppiness when she went for a drink).  THANK YOU over and over! I hope we encourage more people to become clients, because if more people had this kind of reliability with their dogs, Austin would be an even better place to be. 🙂

Jeanine, Elgin, TX

When I met with Paul and Tracey for a consultation, I was extremely stressed and worried about my new Malinois rescue, Tonyx.  I had been the proud mom of two Mals before, but they didn’t have the prey drive issues Tonyx has (i.e., didn’t chase my outside cats or horses!).  Less than two weeks after bringing him home, he got into my pasture with my draft and was lucky enough to escape with just a broken leg. His leg healed, and I worked with a trainer to get him under control and less fixated on my horse.  While I liked the trainer, worked with Tonyx every day, and saw some improvements in him, he stayed fixated on my horse whenever he was out, and managed on a second occasion to slip out of the house and into my other pasture.  Again, he was lucky to get away without serious harm, this time with only a few nicks and cuts.

After that, finding a form of training that would provide a more immediate and consistent method of recall became of the utmost importance, and I did some additional research into trainers and training programs, finding Unleashed Unlimited.  As hard as it was to part with my boy for the three-week train and board period, it made the most sense for me, as I couldn’t take any more chances of him getting hurt…or worse.  Plus, I loved knowing he was staying with them in their home and receiving attention, play, and training sessions throughout each day, rather than being kenneled for the duration and only having brief sessions outside of a run.  So that, along with the help of daily posts to Twitter of pictures of my boy they took and bi-weekly calls to Paul, I made it through the three weeks.  And, it was SO worth it!  Tonyx came home with a wonderful foundation of obedience, and the stress relief it has brought has been tremendous!

While he still wants to chase cats, rabbits, and squirrels, I at least now have the ability to stop him from going after them, and the few times he’s dashed after them when he was off-leash, I’ve at least been able to call him back right away – no harm done!  He does still like watching horses/livestock, but he can now be closer to them and ignore them, and comes immediately when called if he appears to be fixating on them too much.  He’s only been home a couple of months, but the progress has been remarkable!

Of course, once the foundation is there, the ‘training’ is not done.  It still takes at-home reinforcement of what has been learned to maintain and build on that foundation.  But the time I spend with Tonyx each day working on what we’ve learned (yes, human training is also included!) only magnifies the improvements I continue to see and has really increased the bond Tonyx and I share!  And, you have to love Paul and Tracey for including a full-year of polishing classes once whichever training program chosen is completed.  With so many opportunities to continue learning and training and socializing your dog(s), such as through facility-based sessions, trail hikes, and lunches out with the dogs, the benefits only get better!

It is so obvious that Paul and Tracey love what they do and are dedicated to their clients (canine and human!).  The personal attention they provide (even in group settings) and willingness to answer questions and work patiently through any issues that may arise make them a true asset!  Thank you Paul and Tracey!  Tonyx, Mark, and I are forever thankful for all that you’ve done and continue to do!

Ray and Penny, Lampasas, TX

Y’all cannot ever understand how much we are so glad we found the two of you. I have taken dog training classes before and never reached the level of understanding with my dog that I have with y’all.  Your training goes above and beyond of the word “TRAINING”.

We are learning how to understand our dog, communicate with our dog in ways our dog understands. Y’all have taught “US” so we can give our dogs the life we want to achieve together. You guys know just what and how to do what we need to become the pet parent we want & need to be.

We also realize that we have just scratched the surface of what we and our dogs can do. We look forward to continuing our learning and time with both of you.

Erika, Liberty Hill, TX

We are a four-dog family. The two youngest, Nigel and Freckles are 3 years old and weigh 75 pounds each. They are littermates and were out of control. Specifically, they were unsocial, bolted out the door, jumped up on and barked at people, tugged at their leashes during walks, took off after wildlife and ignored me when I’d try to call them back. It got to the point where my husband and I were hesitant to invite people over to our house as a result of their behavior. While researching training facilities on the Internet, I stumbled across Unleashed Unlimited. The three of us (myself, Nigel and Freckles) met up with Tracey and Paul for a consultation and I knew immediately that this was the training center for us.

We just completed our one-on-one classes and have been provided with a solid training foundation. After just the first week, my husband and I noticed vast behavioral improvements. By the end of the five-week course, all problem areas were addressed and are under control. Because of the polishing classes, which we’ve just started, I’m not left hanging to continue on my own. Not only do I have Tracey and Paul’s support, but also the support of other dog owners and their experiences that are in class with me.  Freckles and Nigel are very attentive now, and I feel more connected with them. They thrive with new learning experiences.

Tracey and Paul are terrific. It’s obvious they care about helping owners and their dogs and go out of their way to provide a fun, relaxed training environment. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll be bound for success and a better relationship with your dog.

Jamie & Todd, Cedar Park, TX

I can’t say enough good things about Paul & Tracey at Unleashed Unlimited . From the moment they came to our house to give us a demonstration, I knew they were the right fit for us. They love what they do and it shows. I was expecting to have two well behaved and trained dogs when the program was over, but what I wasn’t expecting was to miss going to class. Our relationship with our dogs is completely different now than it was before starting the program. It was worth every single penny we spent, and we will be lifelong clients.

Dawn, Austin, TX

Great trainers and good people… I really wanted to be able to walk my dogs and not have them pull me down the street. I also wanted to be able to take them to the park and have them listen to me, for their own safety. We signed up for the board and train program last year. I have to say, the dogs have been wonderful ever since. But it’s not just the dogs, it’s the people. Paul and Tracey spent a good deal of time with me, as well. I’m no good to the dogs, if I don’t know what *I’m* doing. Even a year later, they don’t mind when I call with questions. They don’t just leave you hanging when the official training is done. They schedule a lot of great programs for their graduates, like agility classes and trail hikes. Money well spent!!

Erica, Round Rock, TX

Dragon is doing very well. We’ve gone hiking at Turkey Creek the past two weekends and he’s been fantastic! What a wonderful change. We feel like he’s a benefit to our family now!

Scott and Debora, Leander, TX

Before finding Unleashed Unlimited, our German Shepherd (Alexis) would jump up on every visitor that came to our home.  That took some of the fun out of having her around.  We wanted her to be a part of our everyday life, so we began searching for a high-quality training program that would help us settle her down so we could fully enjoy her.  Since sending “Lexi” to your board-and-train program, the results have been remarkable!  We are very happy with how pleasant she is around our friends and even our two small children.  Seeing our three-year old daughter walk our 80-pound dog with no problem was icing on the cake.  Thank you so much for helping us enjoy her in ways we couldn’t have without your help!

Heike, Liberty Hill, TX

Best training program around! Sadie has become a invaluable companion and this training program has given her the freedom and structure to become a confident happy dog. You guys are caring, smart trainers that provide all the necessary information and training to dog owners to make owning a dog truly fun and problem free.

Stacey, Austin, TX

Unleashed Unlimited is a life saver! I got Bruno, a dachshund puppy, in October and he was a mess! A cute mess, but a mess nonetheless. He wouldn’t listen to me, he peed all over the place, and he was just a tornado with no manners when he came in the house. It got to the point where all I could do was leave him in the backyard because I couldn’t handle him, and that wasn’t fun for either of us. One of my FB friends recommended Tracey and Paul at Unleashed Unlimited and I gave them a desperate call. Tracey probably thought I was crazy! They took him in for their three week board and train program and he came back a new dog! He can be in the house without accidents or incidents, loves to snuggle with me on the sofa, and is just the sweet dog I knew he could be without all of the drama. Thank you Tracey and Paul!

Katie and Shawn, Harker Heights, TX (by way of Heidelberg, Germany)

Abby and Luna are doing wonderful. As you know we had a bit of a hiccup in their training but we have successfully worked through their issues. Abby has stopped her freaking out in the kennel. The only think I can think of is that we were constantly on the go when we got here and things may have seemed a bit unstable for her but things are great again! We really cant thank you enough! We walk them around town and in the neighborhood without a leash and they are amazing! They walk and ignore people passing by, they don’t jump up on everyone anymore and when they are on the break command and we call them to come heel they come right by our sides. Sometimes they will just come and walk next to us when no command is given to. Abby has really soaked up the training skills and is improving on them all the time. her heel command is absolutely amazing. Luna of course is a bit stubborn at times still but she is doing better than before. Again you and Tracy are appreciated so much for yalls wonderful training you did with the girls and with us! We could not be living the stress free life with the girls if it wasn’t for you!

Jeff, Austin, TX

My dog had a bad habit of bolting out the door and running in the street. After several near death experiences, we decided we needed professional help. I researched online and found Unleashed Unlimited and Paul and Tracey saved the day. I can have my dog off leash now and have complete confidence she’ll recall, heel, sit or stay, whatever I need her to do. All their training is positive which I really like, and makes for a happy dog. We got a new pup a few months ago and used their Puppy Manual with her, and I am going to start training her with Paul and Tracey in the New Year.  I am a satisfied soon to be repeat client.

Lauren, McKinney TX

Just wanted to let you know…Jeter is doing GREAT! He met kids for the first time this weekend and had a BLAST barreling into Brady’s brothers pool and swimming like a mad man. He listens SOOO well and is incredible off leash..never more than 10 or so yards ahead and always checking back without us even asking! Can’t …thank you both enough, he is such a pleasure to bring everywhere because he is so attentive and responsive. And we can’t stop singing your song “he just wants to be with us!” hahaha.

Charlie & Tessa, Austin TX

Mark, Round Rock, TX

Don’t miss out on this training for your dog We have been working with Tracey and Paul for about 2 1/2 months now to train our young Vizsla puppy Kate. She has made amazing progress using all of the techniques we have learned at Unleashed Unlimited. The training is always different putting your dog various situations so you can trust that he or she will respond correctly in what ever situation you run across. The training is challenging and fun for both you and the dog. The best thing is that I know Kate will listen to me which to me means she will be safer. Plus she is just so much fun to have around when she listens.

Sven, Leander, TX

We used Unleashed Unlimited for a puppy consultation so we get our puppy off to a good start. They came by the house and gave us lots of great advice that’s really paid off. After just a few weeks of practicing what they told us to it was like having a new dog. Great service and great people too!

Tracey, Cedar Park, TX

When I brought home my six week old adorable lab puppy, he was more than a handful. After a few hours with Paul and Tracey for a puppy consultation he was a different dog. They had him crate trained in less than an hour ! After that we did some off-leash training. Due to my work schedule, it was difficult to keep up with the classes. We have not been in a year and he still walks off-leash perfectly and is very well behaved. They took my hyper puppy and taught him some manners, all while still keeping his goofy personality. Thank you guys !! And their toys are great. They are the only ones he doesn’t tear up in the first five minutes!

Tara, Austin TX

Katie, Austin TX

Tracey and Paul, I cannot thank you enough!!! Thank you for teaching me and giving me the tools to guide them. The boys are behaving and such a joy. I’m so proud of them. This has definitely decreased my stress level, and I finally feel completely relaxed at home because I feel like I can handle them better. I know there’s still work to be done (I’m looking forward to the training sessions and classes) but I’m enjoying them so much. You guys rock… I will send high praises and recommendations your way!!!

Whitney, Austin, TX

We used Unleashed Unlimited to ensure our dog’s safety. Our border collie use to bolt out the door and head straight for the major road if she ever got the chance to get out. Now she waits at the door when people enter instead of running out or jumping on them. I can take her everywhere without a leash and she walks right by my side and is very well behaved. I use to be so embarrassed by her hyper active behavior around company or if I took her anywhere and now everyone loves her and she listens so well. We enrolled her in the board and train program for three weeks! Sadly we didn’t get to finish our side of the training with the trainers since we had to move but the difference in our pup is very noticeable!

Debra, Austin TX

Unleashed Unlimited is as good as it gets!  We took our to boys to Paul and Tracey and the results are priceless!  Before their training there would have been no way we could have taken our dogs to the dog park and let them off their leash.  We never would have seen our dogs again not to mention that we learned a lot about dog behavior as a bonus from training.  Paul and Tracey not only are really, really good at what they do they truly love all dogs.  They make a great team and I’m excited to start the agility training sometime soon.

Brent, Austin, TX

Unleashed Unlimited has been the best money I could ever spend for my dog. My German Shorthaired Pointer has a LOT of energy and needs a lot of exercise. There is no way I could keep up with her on leash. Having a 100% reliable recall is essential. Paul & Tracey’s program answered all of my problems and has made her a very happy balanced dog on and off her leash. You will not be disappointed in training with Paul & Tracey.

Faydra, Round Rock TX

Sandy & John, Austin, TX

We met with Paul and Tracey in April 2008, when we were looking for training for our two 3 month old Akita puppies, Kira & Kevo. We had already put a deposit towards another training program when we ran across the videos for Unleashed Unlimited. We were amazed by the videos and had to meet them for a demonstration. The demonstration was amazing and we signed our puppies up. Having had an Akita rescue for many years that was not socialized early, we were eager to train and socialize these puppies from the beginning. We have learned so much from Paul and Tracey over the last several years. I have never had a dog before that I felt confident enough to have off-leash or run through the dog parks, knowing that I had complete control at all times. The training is fun, positive, and the dogs LOVE going to class. You would not believe the compliments we get, just walking through the neighborhood. We not only met wonderful dog trainers, but great friends. We cannot thank you enough!

Terri, Cedar Park TX

After watching in abject fear as our miniature schnauzer ran into the street, coming inches from being hit by a car, I became acutely aware of how important it is to have the ability to recall your dog and know with 100% certainty they will come when called. Shortly after this incident, I saw Paul & Tracey working a group of dogs at the park in Georgetown. I was hooked! Since starting my Schnauzer and Aussie in group classes with Paul & Tracey I have experienced marked improvement in both of my dog’s behavior on many levels. Not only is their recall now excellent, but their manners in general are much better and the strong bond we have always had is even stronger! If you want to enjoy your dogs to the fullest degree I highly recommend checking out what Unleashed Unlimited can do for you!

Erica, Buda TX


Just wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate everything you have shown me. When I was leaving the park today (June did great, off her leash the whole time!) I couldn’t believe the transformation that had taken place in such a short amount of time. When I first got June I had envisioned what I wanted life to be like with her….calmly meeting people, sitting at the door, going to her place, walking beside me in public with no leash, coming when I called….I found out that doesn’t come naturally! But thanks to all your help I now have that dog I have always wanted and it seems to me that we are both a lot happier. 🙂 And my husband is a lot happier too, not getting jumped up on every evening when he comes home!


Debbie, Cedar Park TX


For over 27 years I have been involved with training our various family dogs. When I saw Tracey and Paul in action with their dogs, I was anxious to find out more. (I thought I knew it all!) After the first demonstration I was hooked. We have three dogs and Unleashed Unlimited´s method of training has added a new dimension to the relationship I have with my pets. My dogs now look to me in anticipation, as if to say “what’s next!” Finally, I have found a method that has immediate gratification for both myself and my dogs and I especially love that we can now go to the park while they walk politely beside me without yanking or pulling. They come when called despite the distractions of other dogs or children and are very polite when company shows up at our house. One of my dogs is a therapy dog, and this method of training has definitely brought him to a new level while he is working. Tracey and Paul offer a free demonstration and I would recommend every responsible dog owner check it out. I am so glad we did and my precious canines couldn’t be happier!


Jonathan and Jennifer, Round Rock TX

Our experience with Unleashed Unlimited has been totally awesome. The trainers have been professional, patient and fun. We would have never thought we could accomplish what we have until we met you guys. We have owned other dogs in the past, but with the training from Unleashed Unlimited our relationship with Admiral has been taken to a new level.


Bob, Georgetown TX

Tracey and Paul are excellent trainers. It is obvious they both love dogs and are committed to their profession. Both are very knowledgeable of dog behavior and excellent at communication with dogs and humans. They are very reliable, i.e. if they say they are going to be at a park on a certain day or time they will be there even if it’s raining and cold. They are very respectful of the parks that they train in i.e. staying out of the way of non-training dogs and communicating to non-training dog owners that their dogs are not interfering with a class. They are very patient with dogs and humans and will not get frustrated with dog or human if they learn slowly or repeat a mistake several times. Their instructions to dog and human are easy to understand and always rewarded with praise.
Our dog Pippin has not yet graduated but has demonstrated great improvement in achieving the training goals. I have no doubt that he will be successful thanks to the structure of training and the abilities of Tracey and Paul. One of our training expectations has been exceeded i.e. Pippin has received a lot more personal training than was promised. The training has also demonstrated its effectiveness in that we have been able to call Pippin way from the rare aggressive dog situations in the dog park Past home problems such as tearing Marilynn’s clothes or aggressive window barking have become rare or nonexistent.


Debra, Liberty Hill TX

I own a lot of collies and I chose to enroll Windy because she was the collie that seemed un-trainable. Windy did not want to go along in the routines of all the other collies to go out to the fields to play or to come in the house for crate time. Windy would run havoc around the house trying to get me to chase her, while the other collies obeyed and happily did what I wanted.

Windy got me frustrated and I thought I didn’t like her much. I thought about selling Windy but I just knew no one would like her. So Windy and I went to training. Now Windy is more focused and wiggles with glee when she knows she has obeyed. I think that this training that Tracey and Paul offer is MAGIC!


Susan, Austin TX

I started working with Tracey and Paul after unexpectedly acquiring a German Short Hair pointer puppy from one of my sons. Typical of the breed, Wyatt was (and still is) very high energy and needs lots of attention and discipline. I purchased a 5 visit package but we soon found out an hour each time was too long for Wyatt to concentrate and participate. Tracey and Paul were very accommodating in cutting his sessions to a half hour and visiting our home for twice as long as originally agreed to. They are very thoughtful instructors who obviously love dogs as I have 2 others to whom they gave lots of loving attention. I would highly recommend Unleashed Unlimited. They are very professional, always timely and fun to work with.


Frank, Steph & Simba, Woodbury NJ


Just wanted to let you know that the Dog Pause Bowl is working well!!!! Simba used to gobble his food down then throw up, he also had stomach problems. He now eats his food much slower and has not thrown up or had any stomach problems since he had been eating from his new bowl. Thanks for the recommendation, it works!


Janet, Austin TX

I can’t say enough great things about Unleashed Unlimited. After seeing Paul and Tracey at Auditorium Shores working with their dogs, I was hooked. My new puppy, Jack, was about 4 ½ months old and he was a handful, so after meeting with Paul and Tracey, I signed up right away. What a difference it has made in Jack’s behavior without changing his personality. I saw a huge improvement after only a couple of sessions, and now, two months later, he’s made even more progress. Their method of training really works, especially the fact that they train in the park with tons of distractions for the dogs. I’ve been a dog owner all of my adult life and I thought I could train pretty well, but now I know I can’t. It’s really a treat and pleasure to be able to take Jack to any park, off leash, and know that he will come on command.
Tracey and Paul are both a pleasure to work with and, of course, great dog lovers, but as an added bonus they are extremely professional and always punctual. I am thrilled to have found them and very happy they chose Austin as their new home.