Placing with Jade and Some Distractions

Teasing Jade, one of our recent board and trains, with some temptations while she stays on her place.

Doggie Day Care at Unleashed Unlimited

Just some shots from a typical day at doggie day care with Unleashed Unlimited.

Tips for Loading Your Dog into the Car

Follow these training tips for getting your dog to load into the car.

A Small Dog Doing Big Things

Check out some footage we shot of Blue, a 3.5lb Yorkie. Yes, small dogs need training too!

Goofing Off in the Backyard

Here is some fun footage of us messing around with our own dogs in the backyard. Having a trained dog can be so much fun!

Views from a Hiking Class

We love getting out to the Austin hiking trails with the dogs as much as possible.  The dogs get to run the trail, bounce through the water, socialize with each other and burn off some extra energy!  Here is a short video taken during one of our trail classes with our clients and their dogs at Turkey Creek in Austin.

Intro to Agility

Here is some footage taken during a recent Intro to Agility class at our Leander dog training center.

Placeboard Alternatives

In the interest of keeping dog training fun, here are a few ideas to use as alternatives to the traditional placeboard. This video was filmed all over the Austin area.

Crate Games

Crate training your dog doesn’t have to be a tedious and stressful event for you or your dog. Here are some fun ways to incorporate a crate into your dog’s training.


Here is one of our clients with her standard poodle named Beau. Much of this footage was filmed at Auditorium Shores in Austin.

Visual vs Verbal Cues in Dog Training

Check out the video below on how a dog responds to conflicting verbal and visual cues. Guess which one the dog responds to first…

Underwater Agility Fun

Just a quick video shot with Boomer during an afternoon by the pool.


This video shows one of our clients working with her dog Bella at the Georgetown Bark Park.

Placeboard Duration

We teach all the dogs we work with how to remain on a target.  It doesn’t matter what is going on in the environment, all the dog has to do is keep all four paws on the target. Here is one of our client dogs, Maverick, staying on his placeboard.

A Different Perspective on Marking

Marking is not something that is acceptable with humans, and it’s also something that is not acceptable with dogs.

Dog Unattended in a Yard

Here is a demonstration showing one of the many reasons not to leave your dog unattended in the yard.


Here are some previous training clients working their dog, Kayla, and giving some insight as to how the training has helped them. A lot of this video was filmed during our dog training classes at Auditorium Shores in Austin.

Unleashed Unlimited’s Welcome Video

This is the Unleashed Unlimited Welcome Video that stars all of our dogs. This video shows Tracey and Paul having fun with their dogs all around Cedar Park, Austin, and Round Rock. Along with some fun tricks, the video also shows the level of control that all of our customers should expect from their Unleashed Unlimited Graduate! As you can see, having a well trained dog not only makes life easier, but much more enjoyable.

Louie’s Video Highlights

The video was made to highlight some of the fun things Paul was working on with Louie. As you can see, mixing play in with training is an important part of our training program. At the time, Paul and Tracey were living in New Jersey and Louie was about 1 year old.

An Ordinary Day

This video was taken during the early part of the summer in 2008 on one of our days off. It is short, it is silly, but hopefully it drives home a point that you can manage your dogs with obedience.

Boomer’s Video Highlights

Most of the footage in this video of Boomer was shot in New Jersey in early 2006. As you can see, this video shows the great bond Paul has with Boomer. Most of the video shows Paul simply having fun with his dog. Owning a dog should be fun and when everyone is on the same page, you can really have a blast with your furry friend.

Fun with Rudy Tootie

Here is Tracey working with one of her dogs that she rescued from a shelter in Pennsylvania. Here you can see Rudy has a fantastic level of obedience that Tracey uses to open the door to many different fun exercises and games that she plays with him. This video goes to show you that even the mutts can have fun too. Most of this video was filmed in Austin during the fall of 2007.

Water Work with Boomer

Here is a video of Boomer in the pool. He absolutely loves to swim and is quite talented in and under the water. Paul and Boomer also compete in Dock Dog events; here you can see some of the fun exercises used to train for events.