Does the Location of Your Dog’s Crate Matter?

Does the Location of Your Dog’s Crate Matter?

The short answer to that question is “yes!”

Now exactly where to put your dog’s crate is open for a bit of debate, and you may get varying answers depending on who you ask.  The type of crate and a suggested location for a crate may differ based on the needs of a particular dog, but here are some general guidelines that may help you and your family decide where to crate your dog.

  • Make sure the crate is in a climate controlled area of your home and avoid areas that get direct sunlight throughout the day
  • I personally don’t like my dogs to be crated in my bedroom, they need to learn to exist away from us and have a sense of independence
  • If you are still working on potty training, have your crate near the door to help prevent accidents
  • If you have a young puppy, consider putting your crate in a well populated area of your home
  • Avoid locations where the dog can see outside of the home and practice unwanted behaviors like window barking


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