Going Green With Your Dog

Going Green With Your Dog

In recent years we have all heard a ton about going green, but did you know you can take steps and “go green” with your dog?  Here are a few ways…

Scoop That Poop

While regular plastic poop bags can immortalize your dog’s No.2 in a landfill for hundreds of years, using biodegradable poop bags is a great way to be green with our dogs when cleaning up after them in public.  However, when cleaning up around the yard, skip the bags all together and use a pooper scooper to collect all of those land mines into one larger trash bag.

Toys Made From Recycled Materials

Several toy manufacturers now offer great dog toys made from recycled materials.  You should not have any problems finding great balls, bones, and other toys for your dog that are eco-friendly; in many cases the packaging is even green! Although these are excellent options, just remember that the ultimate green dog toy is the good old-fashioned stick!

Beds Made From Recycled Materials

In addition to dog toys being made from recycled products, you can also find dog beds filled with eco-friendly green fillers. These beds are not only great looking, but are filled with a material called IntelliLoft, which made from recycled plastic bottles.  Another option is to re-use your old worn out dog bed by getting a dog bed duvet from Molly Mutt.  You can even fill it with old t-shirts, towels, and other items from around the home.

Eco Friendly Dog Shampoo

When you bath your dog, choose your shampoo carefully. Ideally, you should use a green shampoo that contains natural ingredients and does not contain anything that can harm the environment. It’s also a good idea to cut down on how often you wash your dog; he doesn’t need frequent bathing, and you can save water by washing him less.

These are just a few ways to go green with your dog.  What are some other ways for going green when it comes to your dog?

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