Help, My Dog Only Listens During Class! (Part 1)

Help, My Dog Only Listens During Class! (Part 1)

This is something we occasionally hear from time to time when we are doing our dog training classes in Austin; the dogs are great during class or in the presence of a trainer, but they are behaving differently in other situations.  This can be very frustrating for some owners and they just can’t figure out why this is happening.

There several reasons why we see these types of behaviors and it varies from dog to dog and handler to handler, but here are just a few possible reasons…

  • There is a lack of consistency at home and in between lessons
  • There is a lack of follow through at home
  • The dog is not being supervised correctly in the home
  • Your dog’s current training state may be situational

Out of the above reasons, do any of these apply to you and your dog?  What are some other possible reasons that you can think causes this type of frustration?

Stay tuned to our blog for the second part of this entry where we will discuss how to correct these issues.  UPDATE – Part 2 can be found here.

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