Small Dogs Rule!!

Small Dogs Rule!!

Some may refer to small dogs as “Yappy little things,” I just laugh.  Small dogs are just as trainable as large ones, small dogs are awesome!! You can really have a blast training them although people seldom do, many prefer to carry them around in a tote bag or pushing them around in stroller while they are wearing their new outfits (I thought strollers were for babies).  Small dogs have the same needs as larger dogs; they need to be socialized, taught to pay attention, leadership, and balance.

I met a small dog whose feet had barely touched the ground because she had been constantly carried around, there are a lot of great things down there for her to explore. It took her a few days to figure that out and then the fun began!!

I am the proud owner of a Cairn Terrier named Walter. I love this little dog, he knows all of the obedience work as any other dog in the house. I spend time now teaching him fun new tricks, building his toy drive and keeping him polished on his obedience work.  He is social with large dogs and small dogs and regardless of size, is often the biggest dog in the house, I think they call that “mini me syndrome”.  His nickname is Joe Pesci.  Some of my favorite small breeds to watch in action are Rat Terriers, French Bulldogs, Jack Russell Terriers and our friend Bill (a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix).

Small dogs have huge possibilities!!! They are intelligent, capable of learning and you can really teach them some great things!!  If you have a small dog that may need some training, contact our Austin dog trainers, we would love to meet your mini-me.

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