Your Dog has a Recall. Now What?

Your Dog has a Recall. Now What?

The whole reason we teach our dogs skills are so that we can use them to help manage them around the house and in public; which is not complicated.  Sure, it takes a fair amount of effort to watch what they’re doing, what they’re about to do,  and knowing where they are; but it’s not necessarily complicated.  The most complicated and time consuming part of your interactions with your dog very may well be teaching your dog some skills.  But let’s say you put in the time and effort to teach your dog a reliable recall, now what?

Your dog bolts out the door and is running toward traffic.  What should you do?  Tell ’em to Come!

Your dog spends a lot of time at the front window, barking at everything that walks past your home.  What should you do?  Tell ’em to Come!

Your dog always tries to steal your other dog’s toys and bones.  What should you do?  Tell ’em to Come!

Assuming your dog has a recall, start using that skill to manage him.  If you are uncertain about something your dog is doing, or confused as to what you should be doing, you can rarely go wrong with telling ’em to come!

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