Youtube and Dog Training

Youtube and Dog Training

No one can argue the success of Youtube and other video hosting sites on the web.  These sites are great, you can see anything from an Urban Ninja to the Perfect Circle, as well as a ton of other unique skills that we all have.

Along with those unique videos, there are a ton of dog training videos on the site too.  Some of them range from puppies playing, to teaching sit or how to walk on a loose leash.  Some are made by professional dog trainers, and others are made by children who want to show the world their new puppy.  In all, there are over 13,000 videos that directly related to dogs and training.  But, if you were to type “dog training” into the search bar for Youtube, guess what…..?

Unleashed Unlimited Dog Training currently appears third!   Although Unleashed Unlimited has several dog training videos on Youtube, one video has gotten much more attention then the others.  Louie’s Video highlights appears very high in the returned search results (it was #1 for a while), has gotten fantastic viewer feedback, a bunch of positive comments, and over 35,000 views!

Thank you to everyone who has watched the video and shared your comments!

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