Did you know that we offer a refer-a-friend program?  Yup, you can actually get your training for free!

Once you take your dog’s skills to the next level, people are going to notice and inquire about how you trained your dog so well.  When they ask, drop our name, hand them a business card, or send them to our website.  If 5 people sign up for any of our obedience programs, you will receive a check for the cost of your program.

Unleashed Unlimited is not a chain or dog training franchise and we greatly appreciate your referrals.  Below is an outline to the program.

1. You must be a client enrolled in our combo package, essentials package, stay and learn packages, or board and train package in order to qualify for this program.  Referrals earned before signing up for one of these packages will not be honored.

2.  In order to receive a refund, 5 people who sign up must list your name, your dog’s name or accurately describe you as how they initially became aware of our services.

3.  We will do our best to help the new client give credit to the correct person, but ultimately it is up to them to list the source.

4.  The refer a friend program applies only to the combo package, essentials package, stay and learn package, and board and train package.  Extracurriculars, advanced obedience, and referrals to any other program do not count as a referral towards the reward program.

5.  Refunds are equal to the cost of your training package, not including the cost of any collars, leashes, placeboards or any other training equipment purchased.  Board and train clients will be refunded the cost of the combo package, not the entire cost of board and train.

6.  If you have multiple dogs enrolled in our program, refunds will only be given for the original package sold to the 1st dog only.  Any additional packages or upgrades purchased will not be refunded.

7.  When enrolling multiple dogs at the same time or at a later date, these dogs do not count as referrals

8.   This program expires at the end of your 1 year polishing class period (or 15 months if you are enrolled in essentials or stay and learn) and does not include training extensions.

9.  Feel free to ask us for business cards, brochures, etc.

10.   Your referrals and support are greatly appreciated!!