Our Next Class Starts December 1st, 2016!

Teaching your dog new tricks is a great opportunity to kick back and have some fun and by exposing your dog to new instruction, you’re actually making it easier for them to learn new things later down the road. Our trick training class is a hands on class where you are going to be working with your dog and teaching them some fun tricks. Because this is a fun and laid back class, all ages and levels of obedience are welcome to participate – there are no prerequisites for this class!

Check out a video of our Tricks 2 class that was shot during an earlier session.

Also check out a video of a previous session of Tricks 1.


The following skills will be taught at this installment of Tricks class:


Wave – Your dog will extend their paw in a waving motion

Roll Over –  This is the classic roll over command that we have all seen

Reverse – Having your dog move away from you while facing you

Go Around –  having your dog travel around your legs while you remain stationary

Beg – Your dog will be able to stand on their hind legs for a short period of time

Weave – Having your dog travel in between your legs in a figure 8 pattern

Jump Over Leg – Your dog will jump over your extended leg

Jump Through Hoop – Your dog will jump through a hoop that you will be holding

Center – To get in between your feet by traveling from  the rear to the front of your body

Play Dead – Lay over on their side with their head on the ground

Paws Up – Put their paws onto a designated surface

Kangaroo – Remain in a sit while lifting their front paws off of the ground

Go Through – To travel through your legs from the front to rear

Paws Up – Your dog will put their paws onto an object (chair, wall, counters, etc)

Spin/Turn – Your dog will turn in a circle in one direction and spin in a circle going the other direction

* The size, age, physical condition and breed traits may prevent certain dogs from performing all of these tricks.


The Trick Training Class will run for 4 weeks, all of the dates for this class are listed below:


Thursday, December 1st at 11:15am

Thursday, December 8th at 11:15am

Thursday, December 15th at 11:15am

Thursday, December 22nd at 11:15am

Our entire training schedule and location details can be found on our schedule page.


Other details: 


The fee for the 4 week course is $100.00.

Please bring treats, toys, and whatever else motivates your dog!


Class size is limited and spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis and completing the payment process will reserve your spot.  Because class size is limited, there will be no refunds for participant cancellations.


If you wish to enroll your dog and pay using a credit card, please complete your transaction below. If you wish to enroll and pay with a check or cash, please contact Paul at 512-618-8062.