Dogs and Fireworks

Dogs and Fireworks

With Independence Day activities coming up, we can all expect that there will be an increase in firework displays.  Many dogs do not deal well with the loud noises associated with fireworks, so here are some things to remember this summer.

Don’t reward any signs of anxiety, stress, or trembling Remember, we have to train through a dog’s mentality and this means not marking or acknowledging these behaviors.  Instead, redirect your dog into a task that is more desirable like running them through some obedience commands or fetching a ball.

Do not leave your dog outside Many dogs are quickly startled by the loud noises associated with fireworks and immediately bolt; even fences will not stop some dogs in this situation.  If your dog has issues with fireworks or other loud noises, keep them inside and crated.

Do not bring your dog to an event with fireworksEven with a leash and collar on your dog, then can panic and get out of their collar and run for cover.  Instead, leave your dog at home, this type of event is not the place for all dogs.

Do not tease or chase your dogNo dog should ever be chased or teased with fireworks; even smaller items like sparklers and bottle rockets can cause unneeded stress in your dog.  This one really comes down to supervising children and any one else who is around your dog with fireworks.  Better yet, keep your dog out of that situation completely.

Have a collar with tags on your dogJust in case the worst thing happens, please make sure your dog is wearing a collar with your identification on it.  Even if the dog is micro-chipped, a good tag will help you get reunited with your dog faster.

Keeping all of these things in mind are good ideas, but bottom line – keep your dog safely inside your home and/or crated!

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  • Brent
    Posted at 07:36h, 25 June

    Excellent and timely information. Thanks!!!