Interruption vs Damage Control

Interruption vs Damage Control

If you are a regular reader of our blog or a local training client, I’m sure you are familiar with us constantly talking about watching the dog’s head and picking up clues from what the dog’s body is telling you.  We constantly stress these things because there is a lot of information coming from that dog of yours.  Whether we realize it or not, most dogs announce what they’re about to do before they do it – and that is a huge asset!

Let’s remember, dog training is not, “What do I do when my dog is jumping on my friends?”  Dog training is not, “What do I do when my dog sees another dog and drags me down the street?” It’s too late when these behaviors are being practiced, the damage has been done and now you’re simply trying to control the damage.

Better questions would be, “What do I do right before my dog jumps on people?” Or, “What do I do right before my dog starts pulling toward another dog?”  These are better questions to ask because these situations are your training moments where you can use interruption and redirection to stop the dog from jumping or lunging and keep then in a sit or in a heel.

Recognizing the signs and catching behaviors BEFORE they happen is the main difference between interruption and damage control.  By constantly catching the lunging or jumping before they occur we can eliminate the behaviors and you”ll be left with a dog that doesn’t do these things because they’re not something that the dog has practiced and perfected over time.

If you find yourself constantly in the state of damage control, contact the Austin dog trainers to help!

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