Teaching Your Dog Targets & Boundaries

Teaching Your Dog Targets & Boundaries

The place command is one of the most useful skills that you can teach your dog.  When we teach your dog to place, we are simply teach them to target a specific location and respect the boundary of that location. In the simplest definition, place simply means to put all four paws on an object (that is different from the ground) and remain on that object.

The object that you are using as a place can be a professional dog training placeboard, a dog bed, a bench, or anything else that a dog can comfortably get all four of their paws onto.  As your dog gets the concept of the place command, you can use your imagination and advance their skill level by placing them on other objects like tree stumps, a brick, and even your own body.

Placing is great for building the foundation for distance and distractions, because all your dog has to do is respect the boundary that we have taught them regardless of what is going on around them.  Many of the skills that Unleashed Unlimited teaches, revolve around the place command; the uses are endless.

*  Overall control and management of your dog

*  Can aid in training fearful dogs

*  Providing a familiar object in new environments

*  Making the dog aware of it’s entire body

*  Clearer definition of the heel position

*  Prevention of sloppy sits and downs

*  Teaching directionals

Stay tuned to our dog training blog for more tips and pointers on teaching your dog to place.  In a future entry we will cover selecting the right objects for placing, introducing your dog to the place, and simple body language tips to help your dog succeed.  THAT ARTICLE CAN NOW BE FOUND HERE!

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  • KrisL
    Posted at 07:19h, 07 November

    That picture of the Labrador on the brick isn’t real. There is no way you can get a dog to do that. Its fake, right?

  • k9chole
    Posted at 11:58h, 07 November

    I agree, NO WAY! That dog is too big.

  • Mac.45
    Posted at 13:30h, 07 November

    I once saw Paul place Boomer on an upside down water bowl, so I am sure this is real!

  • Paul
    Posted at 13:38h, 07 November

    I assure you it is real, and quite simple once the dog becomes aware of its own body. Here is a video clip taken a few years ago (the same day that the picture was taken) showing Boomer placing on the brick. Enjoy! – http://www.vidiLife.com/index.cfm?f=media.play&vchrMediaProgramIDCryp=05674D3A-6BDA-4FEE-B6C3-E

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