Trick Training Instructional DVD

Trick Training Instructional DVD

Over the past few weeks, we have been filming and editing our first instructional dog training video, Unleashed Unlimited Presents: Trick Training Volume 1.  After receiving many requests from our Youtube subscribers, we finally decided to make the video to show some fun things you can do with your dog with just a little bit of training.

We took 8 eye-catching, fun, and exciting dog tricks and have broken them down step by step in a way that is easy for your dog to understand.  Because the training approaches taken in the video are so versatile, they can be applied to any method of training ensuring that everyone, regardless of training preference, can enjoy the information in the video.  We completely explain and demonstrate the following dog tricks…

  • Weave between your legs
  • Spin & Turn
  • Retrieve Underwater
  • Center between your legs
  • Reverse
  • Go thru
  • Place on your back
  • Crawl

Tricks are one of the things that Unleashed Unlimited enjoys most about dog training, it really is a lot of fun to have your dog do these things with you.  Seriously, when would you ever need your dog to swim underwater?  You won’t, but you can sure have fun watching him dive to the bottom of a pool for a sunken toy.  Boredom and routine are avoided, and it adds variety, balance, and a new set of challenges for you and your dog.  So if you are looking to have more fun with your dog, order your copy of this how to video today.